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Welcome! Consider yourself a part of the family now. :)

TCI is not a perfect church but we serve a Perfect God! The truth is, there is no "perfect church" because every church is made up of imperfect people (yourself included lol).

Therefore, it is inevitable that someone will say or do something to rub you the wrong way. However, don't let this fact stop or detour you from joining us as we celebrate, praise, worship, show forth the glory, honour and matchless power of our Perfect God.

Now, TCI is not a traditional church, some may even call us "a peculiar people". However, we make no apologies for living out loud for Jesus Everyday. That is why We Sing. We Dance. We Laugh. We Cry. We love to eat cake and celebrate Jesus Christ!

TCI is known as a place where the Word + Love of God comes alive. That's why we believe that once you enter through our doors, you won't leave the same way you came. It doesn't matter who you are, how you look, or even what you did last night (#NOCondemnation). We are saving a seat just for you to share the unfiltered, unadulterated, Gospel of Jesus Christ!

We want to help you find your purpose, unlock and maximize your hidden potential, train you to reign in every area of your life and live triumphantly as Kingdom Ambassador for Jesus Christ.

Where To Go From Here

We would love for you to get to know more about us by exploring our website. To get the most out of your exploring, we recommend that you start here: